Leonhart.NET was previously under the ownership of ac. I purchased it from him, under a hosting plan from a friend, and have owned it since March 2003.


This layout was made with Adobe Photoshop 7.0. I used the fonts Courier and Arial Black. Yes, I am boring.

This graphic for this layout started on November 07, 2005, and was a day later- where it was subsequently coded and uploaded. It is copyrighted to Lain, therefore meaning that you cannot use this layout on your own website, and/or manipulate it in any way (including cropping and/or using it in one of your works). If you see anyone who has, please contact me immediately.




Hosted By; ---
Hosting Plan; ---
Domain Name; http://leonhart.net
NameSake; Squall Leonhart of Final Fantasy VIII
Programs Used; Adobe Photoshop. WS_FTP LE. Notepad.
Previous Ownership; ac