Lain is really my online alias (no doubt), sprouting from the series Serial Experiments Lain. I am a High School student at LHS. My interests mainly focus around music, anime, gaming, cosplay and design. My music tastes span a large area- from metal, to rock, to overseas music. My designing portfolio remains minute due to a few huge stops in my web design period, although I started around August of 2001. My graphics design background began a few months later. All of this was self taught.


AIM; digitalfireflies
EMAIL; clix


"Are you hosting?"
Really depends ... on three things. If you design well, if you can follow rules, and if I know you to some extent.

"Can I link to you?"
Sure, I'd love it! =]

"Can we link exchange?"
I only really link to other domain collectives ... if yours is one, I'd LOVE to :D

"Can I use your graphics in my work?"

"Can I use your layout for my website?" No.

"Can I e-mail you?"
I'd love e-mail~ as long as it's not spam of course~

"Can you make a layout for me?"
I don't really make layouts for other people. Unless they're good friends. Sorry. ;P

"Can you give me suggestions/comments on my layout?"
Of course! :D Feel free to e-mail me~

"What brushes did you use for your layout?"
For the most part I don't use brushes, unless it's blood splatter or butterfly (which comes with PS). I try to restrict my use of them though anyways.

"Can we affiliate?"
I really have to know you well- talk to you via AIM or email a lot. I'm good friends with all my affiliates XD From there, it depends on your website. If it is also a domain collective, and if it is also has a totally kickass design, then of course <3

"Can you teach me how to do stuff like you do?"
If you want me to teach you a certain technique, I can probably make a tutorial for it. ^^ Otherwise, please do check my tutorial site. :)

"Why haven't you responded to my e-mail?"
My e-mail server may have been down ... feel free to send it again ^^ I'll be sure to reply if I get it~